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Friday, September 23, 2011

Movie: Lion King 3D

Today, I went to spend time with my girlfriend and her family at the theater and we got tickets for The Lion King 3D. What can I say besides that it was the same movie it was when it first released. It was still a heartwarming, laugh ensuing, and sad flick that many still love and remember. There wasn't much to really be surprised by except for the 3D. At first I was questioning was it really worth paying 18 bucks(i didn't pay) just to watch a movie that I had in VHS at home? No, but i don't have a giant widescreen TV or surround sound quality like they do at the theaters, but it still was not worth it. Though, the 3D made it more entertaining, like when Mufasa was dropped from the cliff by Scar. That made the impact harder seeing the depth of the fall or when Zazu was flying through the sky towards Pride Rock, I couldn't help but reach out and try to grasp and squeeze him as it appeared he was coming down from the ceiling and actually whizzing by in the theater. The movie was great none the less. It had its laughs, cries ,and romantic moments. But its not really worth it to pay to watch the movie in theaters when most people have it in VHS or DVD. If you have money to burn or are invited to watch it with friends or family, then it is worth it. It is more of a date flick than anything else. So take a friend or a date that would enjoy watching an old timeless classic.

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