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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video Games: Gears of War 3

 Man, I have been waiting for this game for such a long time and I am so happy it is finally here. Gears of War 3 is the final of the Gears of War series where humans on the planet Sera have been fiercely fighting with the Locust(human like dinosaurs) ever since they emerged from underground caves stating the planet is rightfully theirs to conquer and that they will eradicate the human race for polluting it. Now I'm not going spoil the campaign for everyone but I am gonna say that the story is amazing and will have you in awe to the awesome characters and action that occur. As great as it was it had one thing I didn't really like, the campaign seemed short of how a gears game should be. I remember it took me a good action packed hours each day just to beat the first and second Gears of War but Gears 3 felt like it took only a few hours to beat. Yet, the fun doesn't stop there in the campaign, there are a variety of multiplayer game modes. In one of these you can play on Xbox Live with up to 3 other people and run through the entire story in Standard or Arcade mode where its basically a competition on who can rack up the most points from killing the most enemies. There are "mutators" you can use to make the game harder or funner by adding a laughtrack each time you kill an enemy or disabling ammo caches and making the player resort to scavenging fallen enemy weapons, making ammo scarce. The multiplayer is nothing short of f**king great! I love tearing it up in TDM (Team Death Match) or CTL (Capture the Leader) with the classic Gnasher shotgun and newly introduced Retro Lancer. The improved horde mode is highly addicting especially now that you can buy turrets, barriers, sentry guns, and explosive dummies and like campaign, you can turn on "mutators" in private games making the experience even more enjoyable! None the less the campaign was amazingly awesome along with the multiplayer! In the end Gears of War 3 has surpassed expectations and is a definite keeper. See you guys online!! Watch out for the sawed off shotguns and my gnasher. ;)


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