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Friday, September 23, 2011

Viral: THE MINIGUN - FPS Russia Background

Enjoy crazy "Russians" shooting powerful weapons? You may enjoy this. "FPS Russia" (a.k.a Dmitri) may seem like your friendly neighborhood gun-toting maniac Russian, but the face does not match the name. This so called "Dmitri" is actually 24-year old Kyle Myers from Georgia. Kyle first started out on Youtube under the name "FPSKyle", a name derived from the web television personality from Pure Pwnage, FPS Doug. Kyle started his Youtube account in 2006 mainly watching Halo 2 montages. Around this time was a movement in the gaming community called "Gameplay Commentaries." Gameplay commentaries we a success on the huge channel Machinima and on Youtube. Here is when Kyle made his channel into a gaming commentary channel. He was gaining a name in the gaming community. About a year and a half ago, Kyle created a different persona to do comedic commentaries with. Here is when FPSRussia became bigger than FPSKyle. FPSRussia was a huge success, commentating over Call of Duty gameplay in a Russian accent was something never conceived of. Thousands suspected Kyle was the one behind FPSRussia but none could prove it at the time. Kyle saw the reception Russia was getting so he decided to make this separate persona it's own channel. That channel was for all content FPSRussian. Eventually Kyle decided to mix it up a bit and do a combination of gameplay and a video about the certain weapon he is using in the game. He would shoot a certain gun then show Call of Duty gameplay of him using the weapon. Eventually he got rid of the gameplay section and completely switched to him shooting his personal collection and bizarre weapons. He has collaborated with the big Youtube hit Epic Meal Time. Now FPSRussia is one of the Youtube elite with over a million subscribers (16th most subscribed) and with over 250 million views.

Kyle Myers Background - Kyle was raised (probably born too) in Georgia. Out of high school he started selling cars. He moved to Atlanta because of a relationship and worked at a Ford dealership where he learned to do the Russian accent from his boss. Overworked, he moved back to his home town and took some time off and kicked off his Youtube career. Kyle has ompeted in professional shooting competitions which is where he says he "won" his 20,000 dollar Benelli but we all know he is as rich as Scrooge McDuck (inside joke).

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