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Sunday, October 9, 2011

(late)Movie Saturdays!:The Thing

To those of you who have never heard about it, The Thing is a sci-fi horror flick about a group of American Researchers in Antartica that take in a Huskie that they save from a trigger happy norweigen and after one night of taking the dog in they experience something out of theyre worst nightmare. It turns out that aliens do exist and one has crash landed on earth thousands of years ago only to be frozen and preserved in the ice lands of Antartica. The americans discover about the alien after the dog they save kills most of the other dogs in the kennel at there base and get a glimpse of the horrific monster that once resemble a perfectly fine dog. They later find out that the creature was discovered by another group of Norweigen scientist and to have theyre base burned down and the entire crew were dead by the alien creature(except for the two killed in the very beginning) and they rush back to inform the others. Throughout the movie its a guessing game on who is the thing and when it will stirke. Theyres betrayal, mistrust, breakdowns and grusome deaths. Besides having abit of a cheesy dialouge and special effects its none the less a great movie to watch and itll make your stomach churn on some parts. Ive seen it many times and im still disturbed by the gruesome scenes and images of this film. Oh and theyre making a remake of this film and im looking forward to it and ill make sure to write a review on it too.

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