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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Saturdays! :Mystery Team Review

The Mystery Team is a 2009 movie released by YouTube comedy group derrickscomedy. During the early years of YouTube, derrickscomedy was one of the most watched channels throughout the website. The movie was written by Donald Glover, DC Pierson, Dominic Dierkes, Dan Eckman (also directed), and Meggie McFadden. The movie cast features some actors/actresses Donald met while writing for 30 Rock. The three main characters are played by the main members of the group, Donald, DC, and Dominic. The film, premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, is about three senior-year students that have yet to grow up. The story follows the "Mystery Team", a group started as young children solving childish crimes like taking two milks at lunch time or punching a dog in the face. Now Jason(Donald Glover), Duncan(DC Pierson), and Charlie(Dominic Dierkes) are 18 and about to graduate high school but lack an adult mindset. The group is shown in their high school setting as being social pariahs. Their cases have been childish up until the day a girl shows up and asks them to solve her parents murders. Here is where the romantic interest for Jason comes in. Kelly(Aubrey Plaza) is the sister of the little girl and is skeptical about the Mystery Teams detective skills. Out to prove they are real detectives, the Mystery Team uses Scooby-Doo like detective techniques to solve the double homicide. The drama within the murder and within the team was great. Jason realizes he is going nowhere with his life when his friends talk about college while he gets left behind. This movie throws childish teens into an extremely dark and bleak situation. The movie is ridiculous, outrageous, hilarious, dark and dramatic It goes from a strip club to a lumber yard to a chase with a drug dealer. Directed greatly by Dan Eckman and the music composed by Donald Glover makes an amazing combination that enhances the movie. I highly recommend watching this film which is available on netflix and a variety of websites. The group of derrickscomedy is an amazing comedy team and I hope to see another movie from them in the future.

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