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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video Game/Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Awhile ago, I walked into gamestop looking for a game to pass the time. I walked around the selection and noticed that Deus Ex had a price drop and having heard from my friend that its a game close to Metal Gear, Mass Effect, and Fallout 3 had a kid together that is what this would be. They were completely right. This game is simply amazing and so addicting. In the game, you play as head of security Adam Jenson in one of the most powerful human augmentation corporations, Sarif Industries. In the beginning you have to fend off some mercenarys that attack and kill lab staff in the buildings laboratory an you start off as a regular human being with no augmentations or even a HUD(heads up display). As you continue, something really serious happens to Adam and you end up having to go through intensive surgery and wake up better than new and fully augmented. Augments are futuristic enhancements that alter the body to become better than normal humans. The story is very intense and so is the gameplay. You can decide to play stealthy and safe or aggressive and violent. Though you can do a combination of any of the options. It was a real challenge and what you decide during the interactive dialouges decides the outcome of your mission, either it will aid you and open a shortcut or shut you out and make it difficult to reach your goal. There are 4 different endings all of which really open your mind and cause you to think about our current world. I love this game and its great! I highly recommend this game!

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