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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

News: Steve Jobs Dead at age 56. Lost Video Included

Today October 5th, 2011 the world lost a revolutionary mind and from what I've heard an amazing human being. Steve Jobs born February 4th, 1955, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. Though he beat the cancer, five years later in 2009, he received a liver transplant. Between those five years Jobs took a hefty amount of time to tend to his health but would return to create things like the iPhone. In August of this year (2011), Steve Jobs resigned as CEO from Apple leaving Tim Cook as his successor. Over the years many people have speculated about Jobs'  health but no one suspected he would leave us this year. Steve Jobs is known best for starting up Apple along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. In the beginning, they would make computers, most notably the Macintosh. Apple's Macintosh was and still is the top competitor to the major computer company Microsoft. In 2001, Jobs was part in the creation of the iPod. The iPod would be a major hit selling millions and allowing for variations that would give it a smaller size, bigger space, touch screen, and a camera. Along with the advances to the portable music industry, Jobs would revolutionize the phone industry with the iPhone. The iPhone would be a top notch phone that would set a standard for smartphones all across the world. Then again would come out with something some would call an over-sized iPod Touch, the iPad. Once again paving the way for tablets that could do more than read books. Though I am not a fan of Macs, Steve Jobs has truly revolutionized the technology business and affect millions of people. Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

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